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 Sons of anarchy: Great Show!!

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PostSubject: Sons of anarchy: Great Show!!   Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:01 am

When I began to see the promos for sons of anarchy DVD had mixed feelings: I have ridden motorcycles since I was about 15, and I have friends in clubs, The Tribe DVDso I know the "real deal" lifestyle -- my concern was that this had the potential to be a really great show but if the writing or acting wasn't up to speed it could fall on its face very quickly. All worries fell by the wayside as I became addicted from the very first episode. Transformer DVD Kurt Sutter, who created Sons, spent some time around MCs to make sure the authenticity was up to speed. I immediately purchased Season One as soon as it became available to tide me over until Season Two began, and I was not disappointed when it did: supernatural DVD The characters continue to grow, the plot lines are riveting, the action believable and the edge-of-your-seat-tension grows from episode to spisode! MI5 DVD And for all of us riders who have been bereft, waiting for something of the quality of "Then Came Bronson," wait no longer. Would love to see the Reaper Crew flying in the wind up on the big screen!
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Sons of anarchy: Great Show!!
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