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 Transformers:Can not be missed!!

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PostSubject: Transformers:Can not be missed!!   Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:58 pm

Transformer DVD is so much like the 80s cartoon many of us loved that it nearly forgets to be cinematic and becomes almost silly. supernatural DVDThere’s no attempt to be serious. That’s not to say the movie doesn’t try to be as real as it can be, after all the goal here is to take giant transforming robots and put them believably in our world. The Tribe DVD Because of that, Transformers isn’t just dorky, it’s gloriously dorky. The film absolutely revels in how completely looney this premise is, and is all the better for it. sons of anarchy DVDTransformers wastes no time getting right to the incredible robot action we’re all hungering for, and rushes directly from the credits to eye-popping, rampant robot destruction. What really holds the film together though is that even when it’s knee deep in save the world, all out, brawling in the streets, bones DVD giant freakin robot war, at the core of everything is the simple story of a boy and his first car.
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Transformers:Can not be missed!!
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